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07/31/09 Maurice Sherman      Ernie Pellar who served in VP-47 1959-1960 as  an AT passed away Oct. 2008at his home in
MS.                                                                                     Info provided by a brother, Gerald.

07/31/09 Maurice Sherman      Congratulations to Adan Cruz on his promotion from LCDR to CDR.  Adan was XO aboard
the                                                                                            USS Champlain, a Ticonderoga class cruiser and is the son of Raul Cruz who served in
VP-47,                                                                                       1963-1973.
11/??/09 James Campbell       Fred "Frenchy" Audette passed away in 2004.  Fred joined the Navy in Portland, ME just after
high                                                                                      school.  He served as a turret gunner in a bomber during WWII credited with 5 enemy
planes                                                                                             shot down & 2 possibles.  Fred had duty stations in Bangor, ME, Jacksonville, FL,
Alameda, China                                                                                   Lake & San Diego, CA.  Finishing his Naval career in 1962 as a Navy Recruiter in
Billings, MT, he                                                                                      became a plumber Burlington, WA.

06/11/09 James Campbell       Hydes MD:  The Lord welcomed Glenn Ridall into his Heavenly Home on Sat., May 2,2009.  In
1954                                                                                  he enlisted in the United States Navy and served as an Aviation Electronics Technician, First
Class                                                                                  Petty Officer.  Listed in The 1969 Outstanding Young Men of America book, he also received
the                                                                                         1969 Navy League's "Admiral Claude V. Ricketts Award for Outstanding Inspirational
Leadership."                                                                                    On June 29,1957, he was united in marriage to Doris M. Garrett in Poplar Bluff, MO.  
Glenn served in                                                                                VP-47 in the mid 1950's.

10/16/ 08 Frank Von Moll           John F. "Jack" Dow former VP-47 Skipper (1961-1662/Whidbey Is WA) passed away 11Oct 2008 in
VA.                                                                           Jack had been involved with Navy JROTC in VA for 12 years after his retirement from the Navy.

09/13/09  Maurice Sherman      Robert E. Flora was admitted and released from a hospital in Columbus, Ohio.  He is recuperating
at                                                                             home and doing well.  His email address is:  ...

10/03/09 Jim Campbell             Chuck Petri had a stroke on June 9 which has affected his right side.  He is now out of the
                       wheelchair and using a cane with someone walking along side.  We are still hoping to see
some                                                                                     response in the right hand and for his speech to come back.  He is in out-patient therapy
daily and is
                       trying very hard to recover.  We are hoping to make the reunion as we have fond memories of
                       Whidbey days.  Because of his health, we cannot commit at this point, but just wanted to let you
know                                                                              why we may be late in replying.  
                                                                                                Bette Petri

10/15/09 Eric Larsen                 I'm looking for anyone that flew with my dad, Dale Larsen during the mid 1950's...  I have  
                      view master 3D reel pictures with "BA" on the tail, possibly     Crew #2, #5... Thanks.  E-Mail:

11/10/09  David Claude             Henry "Hank" Claude 1920-1977 served in WWII as an AT and also Korea.  Hank Mustanged his way
                       to LT and served in VP-47 with his son LT David Claude on the deployment to Adal, Alaska in 1971.

11/10/09  Donna Barnett            Donald C, "Barney" Barnett passed away Nov. 2, 2009.  He is survived by his widow, Donna.  Barney
                       attended the VP-47 60th Anniversary Reunion held in Reno, NV during Sep, 2008.

01/30/10  Richard Compton      Perhaps you can help,  I'm looking for:  Lt. Steve Grey(Gray) who served w/VP-47 1978-1981.  AD1 Red
                       Meaney who served w/Vp-47 1978-1981.  Both were Crew 4, 1978-1980.  Thanks !  If you know of the
                       where these individuals might be, please contact Richard Compton:

03/13/10  Dave Relyea               B.J, (Ben Jack) Kinney passed away in November of 2009.  Ben Jack served in VP-47  1958-1960.
                       He attended Annapolis and retired from the Navy as a Captain.  He is survived by his widow Kathy.

07/07/10  Douglas  Mcgee Jr.   Looking for anyone who knew my father, Douglas Mcgee Sr.  Nickname "Maggie"  He received the DFC in
                      1950 and many other awards.  Sorry to say we lost him to cancer in Feb.  He served VP-47 1947? to 1960?
                       Please contact me: .  phone: (910)+990-1233.

07/07/10     Jim Campbell   Does anyone out there remember and maybe know what ever happened to Rocky Bamford, PPC Crew 8    
                       1957-1958 ??

10/28/11     Jim Campbell    I am sorry to announce that a shipmate has passed.  Thomas Pat Kelley Crew 7.  He passed away on
                       St. Patricks Day 2009.

06/09/12    Ruth Jackson     Received this email this am from Sharon Westcott about the passing of Ray Quinn....our thoughts and prayers
go                                                        out for his family....
                           Hi Ruth FYI received a message from Kathy Quinn a few days ago. Ray passed away June 1. He got sick
suddenly                                                       while traveling home from Indiana received medication which got him home to FL. But his condition
deteriorated                                                           rapidly. Just thought you would want to know.

2/1/2013    Carol Betush        This email was sent from Carol Betush to Judy & Lehman Brown on Jan 2, 2013.

It is with a sad heart I tell you that John Betush has departed this life and has embarked on a new journey of which we can only wonder.  He
passed away, at home, on Dec 16 with myself and our two children holding his hands.  He has not been in good health for a long time and
what little health he had began to fail rapidly this past fall.  He was unable to walk without help and couldnt sit or stand for any length of time.  
His pain was untreatable and unbearable.  Finally his lungs and his heart couldnt keep gping.

We had a Navy Memorial Service for him at the local Veterans Cemetary.  And several dentists that were friends as well as Navy Vets offered the
eulogy.  It was very nice, and short which John would have liked.

I will miss him but I know he is no longer suffering.  I will stay in Redding with our 2 dogs and maintain our home as long as I am able.  So far, I
am in good health so I dont anticipate any problems.
Please know he so enjoyed seeing each of you at the VP-47 reunion at Whidby Island several years ago.  He had such fun sharing all those

If you wish, a donation in John's memeory can be made to The Fisher House Foundation at  He has always supported
the Veterans and their families.

Carol Betush